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James Downing ⚡️🍔 @james@web.carbonatic.com

Feeling really good tonight. Thanks for being part of Carbonatic guys @OwlHoot8, @Pip, @alice, @nissl 😊

Starting law orientation tomorrow - wish me luck!

Thanos was right... reality can often be disappointing.

Did you know the national animal for Scotland is the unicorn? 😂

Did you know that hippopotamus milk is pink?

The good news: the rent is cheaper by $400 each month! How cool is that? :like:

Sorry for being so absent - but I’m glad I’ve got this done. Now to focus on cleaning the place up over the next couple of days :carlton:

OK I’ve finally moved into my new place! My arms ache so damn much. It’s been an absolutely crazy week. Will post some pics tmw!!

Scratch that - somebody please tell me not to jinx it when I say I’ve fixed a ton of bugs. Argh! :angry_boi:

Fixed 60% of my bugs - it's a good feeling. A long way to go but the end is in sight! :charmander_dancing:

Good morning! Work is going very well on Give's tables. All the old ones are out and all the new ones are in!

Just had a sudden flash of brilliance with Give's tables and reduced the table count by 30% and the code by 70%! Who said "getting away" didn't refresh the mind! 🤩

Back from my trip to the Capital! Will share some pics tomorrow :)

Seems like a terrible news day around the world. Anyway, I took a 7 hour drive today and ended up in Australia’s capital, Canberra! Spending a few days here to visit the museums and the war memorial. Should be fun.

These places aren’t big (two bedroom units) but they look nice. Hopefully we find a nice one tomorrow! 🙌🏻

She’s getting older and it’s important for her to find a place with no stairs and near to hospitals in the event of an emergency. We’ve found in our price range so let’s see.

It’s the weekend! House hunting for my mum tomorrow and performed a number of “drive bys” today.