James Downing has moved to @jd:

James Downing @james@web.carbonatic.com

These places aren’t big (two bedroom units) but they look nice. Hopefully we find a nice one tomorrow! 🙌🏻

She’s getting older and it’s important for her to find a place with no stairs and near to hospitals in the event of an emergency. We’ve found in our price range so let’s see.

It’s the weekend! House hunting for my mum tomorrow and performed a number of “drive bys” today.

I’m going to keep throwing that out there. Facebook was part of the 2016 corruption against sanders so I would love to see people over here.

Had an insane thought in the middle of the night on how to optimise Give's tables. Let's do it!

Can't find my house-keys! *holding the keys in my hand*

Then this afternoon/evening I'll build Give for Android and test it out! It worked last night in the simulator but let's see what it's like for realsies.

OK I'm selling my MacBook to pay for the bond of an apartment in the city. Spending the morning migrating all my software and files to my old Mac. Sad times!

OK Easy, Medium, and Hard trivia questions are in. Now it's time to load the APK onto my Android for testing!

Inspecting apartments this morning. Found a lovely one that's affordable - going to apply now!

My goal today is to finish the first set of Give 'medium difficulty' trivia questions. Then get started on the 'hard questions'.

Have a great start to the week everyone 😌

Completed 200 trivia questions today!

Just finished another 100 trivia questions!

What an eventful day. Apartment hunting, an adventure for froyo and very loud neighbours, which were scolded in the most immense way possible. An acceptably quiet space is my right people! 😤