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James Downing @james@web.carbonatic.com

Today we're embarking on our newest feature for Carbonatic - Carbonatic Games! What's the point in having a social network with no movement behind it? Carbonatic Games will support communities and causes in health, education and environment. More info soon!

@OwlHoot8 Well that sounds like a delicious invite! Would love to come. If only you weren't so damn far away! :laugh:

@OwlHoot8 Looks delicious. Even my girlfriend comments on how yummy your food looks. Keep it up! :pokeball:

And a new one just for you! :homer_disappear:

OK all the old emojis are back! I missed these :deal_with_it_parrot:

@OwlHoot8 Nice - you know that ranking stuff is some of the hardest to do. Dealing with asynchronous databases is such a pain.

Actually first step is to bring back all the old Carbonatic emojis. Let's do that first.

@OwlHoot8 Maybe I should just do it, starting with Pocket Rice.

@OwlHoot8 True that - I wonder if there's actually a market for this though.I would do it if we could bring millions of people to Carbonatic.

OK just submitted a new update for Android! This will fix a couple of icon issues :)

@OwlHoot8 Pocket Rice had more than 1M downloads, so you're probably correct there! Do you think that enthusiasm would also work for other "giving" apps? I've got tons of half-finished code projects like side-scrollers that plant trees, puzzle games that help to solve alzheimers, and shooters that clean water. Do you think this is worth doing? I would probably link to Carbonatic through coupon codes :) @alice @Phoenixonfire

@OwlHoot8 It's something I could definitely do, but it's a whole new thing to start. Do you reckon people would join Carbonatic if I linked "giving" and Carbonatic in some way? Obviously Pocket Rice is much more interesting that some data on planting trees.

@OwlHoot8 Yes it's down for now - and I think it'll scale nicely. It's taken ages to do but I'm really happy with the progress :)

I think I've optimised Carbonatic in the best way possible for now. Server costs are down, which was my biggest issue previously. Yay!