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James Downing ⚡️🍔 @james

What an eventful day. Apartment hunting, an adventure for froyo and very loud neighbours, which were scolded in the most immense way possible. An acceptably quiet space is my right people! 😤

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@james I really dislike when people are inconsiderate of others. I hope you get some quiet.

@OwlHoot8 They've been like it all year but yesterday was particularly bad. They seriously have no shame. Looking for an apartment closer to university now so I don't have to travel far when the course starts.

@james I think that will be better for you. Travel time can be a bear when you are taking classes. Hopefully you will have better neighbors.

@OwlHoot8 Thanks Kelly and really crossing my fingers. It's been a nightmare this year (with drunken behaviour, loud music and shouting most nights beyond 12am). Mmm.

@james I’m surprised your landlord allowed it to continue. Shameful. Our neighbors get that way at national holidays but imo that’s pretty normal. Plus we have a single house not an apartment which helps.

@OwlHoot8 Yeah in my experience, landlords just don't care here. I've complained and complained and complained to everyone. Very disheartening.