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James Downing @james@web.carbonatic.com

Today we're embarking on our newest feature for Carbonatic - Carbonatic Games! What's the point in having a social network with no movement behind it? Carbonatic Games will support communities and causes in health, education and environment. More info soon!

And a new one just for you! :homer_disappear:

OK all the old emojis are back! I missed these :deal_with_it_parrot:

Actually first step is to bring back all the old Carbonatic emojis. Let's do that first.

OK just submitted a new update for Android! This will fix a couple of icon issues :)

I think I've optimised Carbonatic in the best way possible for now. Server costs are down, which was my biggest issue previously. Yay!

I'm thinking of building a suite of apps that help to make a difference, all linked to Carbonatic in some way. Sound good? @alice @Phoenixonfire @OwlHoot8

Guys, if I heavily integrated Carbonatic and Pocket Rice would you have a problem with that?

Identity politics has made us into terrible human beings. Why can't we all just get along?

Drinking a banana/yoghurt smoothie and forcing myself to swallow it. Why couldn't any other part of my body be hurting right now. I love eating.

Struggling to swallow liquids now - gah! 😣

Throat still feeling extremely wonky. What is going on?

Thoughts go out to the people in Christchurch. Some people are just despicably evil.

It's so nice to be back in Melbourne during autumn!

Melbourne last night. Winter is coming.

So much happiness in one pic!