James Downing has moved to @jd:

James Downing @james@web.carbonatic.com

The charity will likely change too @OwlHoot8 so bear that in mind. Have a play around with it though!

Give is live - @OwlHoot8! It needs a few UI fixes but it should work well on iPad :)

OK Give is live at apps.apple.com/us/app/give/id1 for iOS and play.google.com/store/apps/det for Android - but I wouldn't download it yet because the UI scale is messed up. I'll work on a fix and let you know when it's ready.

Feeling really good tonight. Thanks for being part of Carbonatic guys @OwlHoot8, @Pip, @alice, @nissl 😊

Starting law orientation tomorrow - wish me luck!

Thanos was right... reality can often be disappointing.

Did you know the national animal for Scotland is the unicorn? 😂

Creating trivia questions about onesies!

Did you know that hippopotamus milk is pink?

The good news: the rent is cheaper by $400 each month! How cool is that? :like:

Sorry for being so absent - but I’m glad I’ve got this done. Now to focus on cleaning the place up over the next couple of days :carlton:

OK I’ve finally moved into my new place! My arms ache so damn much. It’s been an absolutely crazy week. Will post some pics tmw!!

Scratch that - somebody please tell me not to jinx it when I say I’ve fixed a ton of bugs. Argh! :angry_boi:

Fixed 60% of my bugs - it's a good feeling. A long way to go but the end is in sight! :charmander_dancing:

Good morning! Work is going very well on Give's tables. All the old ones are out and all the new ones are in!

Just had a sudden flash of brilliance with Give's tables and reduced the table count by 30% and the code by 70%! Who said "getting away" didn't refresh the mind! 🤩

Back from my trip to the Capital! Will share some pics tomorrow :)

It’s the capital building!

Seems like a terrible news day around the world. Anyway, I took a 7 hour drive today and ended up in Australia’s capital, Canberra! Spending a few days here to visit the museums and the war memorial. Should be fun.