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James @imvese@web.carbonatic.com

Status update on push notifications for iPhone and iPad = in progress.

The best filler for a website.

A day with the pet oncologist = depression.

James shared

Will keep Carbonatic invite-free going forward, which should make for an easier growth when people start to find out about us!

OK changed Carbonatic back to the original signup on web. Feel free to invite your friends as necessary! Will work on updating the signup forms on iOS and Android today :like:

Lovely pics @OwlHoot8! The difference that summer makes :)

Apple rejected our update based on our closed invite system. We'll work out a solution (maybe allow full signup) and keep you posted! :like:

It’s a wet morning in Mornington!

OK boys and girls have a lovely weekend. Goodnight! @Pip @OwlHoot8 @nissl @madfox :nyancat:

Give @madfox a virtual thanks if you can! :heart_it:

Was down a very dark coding hole this week, if the app is approved and push notifications work I'll be over the moon!

Push notification issue should be fixed on iOS, thanks to my friend Evgeniy @madfox! It pays to have friend developers. We've submitted the update now and it should take Apple a week to review - will keep you informed on progress :doge:

Good morning! Still fixing notifications on iOS. Some registration error thing. Will let you know the outcome in due course.

Fixing notifications on iOS, in case any of you are having a problem!

Otherwise I'm going back to washing dishes. Which actually wasn't that bad a job (at university).

Fingers crossed that everything can work itself out in the months ahead!! :zombie_gurl:

And yes, unfortunately I need a very expensive MacBook to develop apps on iOS. Such is the dev life.